A Model of Excellence
for Power Utilities in Africa

Hydro Electric Power Generation


The Hydro Generation Department (HGD) of VRA offers consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Technical Assistance in the Operation and Maintenance of Hydro Power Plants

The Hydro Generation Department provides consultancy and technical assistance in the Installation, Operation and maintenance of Hydro plant equipment. (Example: Technical assistance was offered to Bumbuna Hydropower Plant in Sierra Leone for the replacement of damaged turbine runner and shaft, troubleshooting of vibrations on generating unit and review of plant equipment Annual maintenance schedule.)

  • Transformer Oil Treatment & Maintenance Services

The Hydro Generation Department offers Transformer Oil Treatment Services and general transformer maintenance for Power Utilities. Eg. The Department was contracted to carryout Transformer oil Treatment & maintenance for CENIT Energy Limited Ghana and CEB Company of Benin.

  • Substation Operation & inspection, Energy meter reading and reconciliation services

 The Department also provides Technical assistance in Substation operation and inspection, as well as energy meter reading and reconciliation services. For example, CEB Benin contracted the Department to provide Technical Assistance in Relay Calibration & Substation maintenance.

  • Welding / Machine Shop Services

The Department offers workshop services such as lathing, milling, etc. to other Department/ Unit within the Authority and outside clients.

  • Rigging / Haulage Services

The Department has a 50ton crane for providing rigging and haulage services to other Departments/ Unit within the Authority and outside clients.


For further information, please contact the Director of Hydro Generation, VRA, through this email address: dhgd@vra.com