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for Power Utilities in Africa

Estate and Property Management


The VRA Property Holding Company (PROPCo) offers consultancy services in the following areas:

Development Management Services

  • Land search, identification and acquisition/optimal land use advisory
  • Project initiation and briefing to include market research
  • Project Inception
  • Project concept and design
  • Marketing, advertising and letting/leasing
  • Design development
  • Corporate structure and project finance
  • Documentation, consents and procurement
  • Construction management
  • Closeout

For prospective clients looking for solutions to their real estate needs or to optimize their land banks/real estate portfolio’s PROPCo is available to provide solution.

Real Estate Investment Transaction Advisory Services

  • Deep knowledge and understanding of the real estate investment markets
  • Real estate investment due diligence reports
  • Buy, sell, hold decision advisory

Portfolio/Asset Management

  • Hands on asset management focused on maximizing property value and investment returns
  • Risks mitigation and promoting valuable improvements across real estate portfolios
  • Navigating complex legal and tax rules governing investment property
  • Defining, executing and optimizing real estate opportunities through superior  transaction and management execution
  • Optimal allocation of resources over properties managed for greatest possible return
  • Creating efficient holding corporate structures for real estate investments

For further information, please contact the Managing Director, PROPCo, through this email address: dred@vra.com