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for Power Utilities in Africa

Environmental Activities

The VRA is committed to carrying out environmental and sustainable development projects as part of its non-core business in order to minimize the impact of its operations on the environment. In this regard the Authority is making environmental considerations a priority in all business planning and decision-making and complying with the relevant national and international environmental protection agencies.

The Authority has also entered into an Agreement with the Volta Gorge Landowners Association (VGLA) to manage the forest on the slopes of the Gorge to contain slides and erosion. Salinity levels of the Volta estuary and the Keta Channel are monitored monthly to check the level of salt intrusion and to control the incidence of Bilhazia.

The dredging at the Volta River estuary is aimed at restoring the ecosystem in that area. Frequent forestation projects are carried out to restore vegetation on the highlands along the Volta Lake .

Water hyacinth poses a major threat in the Volta Basin. The Oti arm of the Volta River and the Kpong Headpond are two main infestation sites. Control activities carried out at the Kpong Headpond cover 62 sites between Mangoase and an island opposite the Kpong wharf. The hyacinth when detected are removed completely.