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VRA Resettlement Trust Fund

One prominent aspect of Akosombo Hydro-electric project undertaken in the early 1960s was the resettlement of about 80,000 persons whose homes were inundated by the formation of the Lake as a result of the construction of the Dam.

The living conditions of the inhabitants of the 52 resettlement townships constructed had been a source of worry to successive governments. To alleviate their suffering the Government and the Volta River Authority in 1996 agreed to create a fund with contribution mainly from Volta River Authority to undertake projects for the benefit of these resettlement townships.

The projects include:

  • Environmental amelioration projects;
  • Social Welfare Projects;
  • Public Health projects;
  • Education projects;
  • Electricity projects;
  • Water supply and Sanitation projects;
  • Any other projects and needs approved by the Managing Trustees.

In this connection, Volta River Authority allocates the Cedis equivalent of Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$500,000.00) to be shared among the 52 resettlement townships to be expended on developmental projects of the choice. To this effect, Town Development Committees have been established in all the townships to prioritise community projects for execution. 

Administration of the VRA Settlement Trust Fund
The VRA Resettlement Trust Fund is administered by a 17 Member Board comprising:

  • A Board Chairman appointed by the Government;
  • Ten (10) Members of Parliament from affected constituencies in the four (4) Regions of Ghana;
  • Two (2) representatives from the Ministries of Energy; and
  • Another Managing Trustees appointed by the Minister of Energy as required by the Trust Deed.

Objectives of the Fund
The purpose and objective of the Fund is that it shall be used for the social and welfare projects and other needs of direct benefit to the 52 resettlement townships.