A Model of Excellence
for Power Utilities in Africa

VRA Property Holding Company (PROPCo)

The VRA Property Holding Company (PROPCo) currently performs the mandated functions of Planning, Acquiring, Developing, Maintaining and Managing the Authority’s Townships, Estates and Properties.

The company previously operated as a Department of the VRA providing Support Service to Authority on a non-profit basis, but now operates as Strategic Business Unit to bring in revenue.

VRA PROPCo currently runs Property Development, Property Management and Hospitality Management and Development functions.

To become the first and largest integrated property services provider in Ghana.

Mission Statement
To provide property and facility management services, security services and property development. Our integrated service solution is designed purposely to serve our clients non-core needs to enable them focus on their core business. Our development activity will aim to assist our own porfolios and our clients by transforming latent real estate assets into investment grade portfolio for income and capital growth.

Core Values
To achieve its mission and fulfil its vision, staff of VRA PROPCo are influenced by the following Values:

  • Customer Service
  • Credibility
  • Safety and Security
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork

VRA PROPCo seeks to improve its financial viability by increasing its revenue base and lowering its cost of operations.

  • The delivery of services will be improved such that the customer base will increase and in turn increase the revenue base.
  • The company will improve upon its operations.
  • The human capacity in the company will be trained and developed to be able to carry out their functions efficiently.