School Organization

School Organization

The Kindergarten Unit is made up of four schools: Akosombo Inter- national (1) Kyease Kindergarten (1), Akuse (1), and Aboadze (1).

There are three Primary/Grade Schools located at Akosombo (2), Akuse (1) and Aboadze (1); three Junior Secondary Schools at Akosombo (1), Akuse (1) and Aboadze (1); and a ve-stream Senior Secondary School located at Akosombo.



The General Manager of VRA Schools exercises general supervision over all three campuses/ locations (i.e. Akosombo, Akuse, and Aboadze). The Headmaster/ Headmistress - The General Manager - is in charge of the administration of all three basic schools at Akosombo, Akuse and Aboadze. She is assisted in her duties by three supervisors – one at each campus/location.

The Headmaster, Basic, is in charge of the Junior Secondary School in Akosombo. The Headmaster (Senior Secondary School) is in charge of the administration of the 5-stream Senior Secondary School at Akosombo. She is assisted in her duties by two Assistant Headmasters/mistresses and Heads of subject Departments.

Additionally, there are an administrative officer and assistants, and other staff who help with the daily running of the Schools. Class/Form Tutors monitor the academic performance of the pupils/students, and advise and report on their progress. Form tutors complete Terminal Reports on the students. All sections of the Schools have their own Supervisors who assist in the general running of the Schools.