Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities that seek to develop the innate potentials and talents of students abound at all VRA International Schools. There are several opportunities for co-curricular activities in the form of games, clubs and societies.

There are various outdoor games for which students could train and perfect. These include Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Table-Tennis, Tennis, Basketball, Handball and Swimming. The Physical Education Tutors and the Sports Prefects teach and supervise such games in the afternoons, and on weekends.

Clubs & Societies (Akosombo Campus)
There are several clubs and societies at all VRA Schools. These include the School Band & Choir, Drama Club, Geographical and Environmental Club, French Club, Social Science Club, Civil Education Club, Science Club, Wild Life Club, and Debaters & Writers Club. Every Club or Society has a Tutor as a Patron. The Patron guides the members of the Club/Society, and takes part in all the programmes, performances and field trips of the organisation.

School Band & Choir
The Band is a contemporary gospel music organization that seeks to provide a blend of contemporary sacred music at school functions and events. It is basically a student-led group that nurtures and harnesses the musical creativity of students. Members learn by peer-teaching and are supervised occasionally by the Music tutor. The Choir is a choral group composed of students who perform at School Church Services, Carols Services and on Speech Days. The Choir also participates in concerts from time to time. It promotes the image of the Schools through its participation on Radio and Television broadcast. It is normally directed by the
Music tutor.

Membership to the School Band and Choir is open to all students in the Junior and Senior Secondary Schools. These two organizations develop the musical talents of students. This includes cultivating the voice and the playing of musical instruments such as piano/organ, atenteben, guitars, drum, trumpet, saxophone, etc., and the art of choral directing. The Music tutor is the patron of the School Band and Choir. These groups operate only at the Akosombo campus.

Drama Club
The Drama Clubs have been in existence for many years. They have as their patrons the English Language and Drama Tutors. These groups operate at all campuses.

The Drama Club aims to:
• give students the best exposure to stage life,
• bring out and develop the latent talents for acting in students,
• give to its members the opportunity to express themselves in public, and thus eliminate stage fright and the fear of speaking in public.

The Annual Speech Days of the School can be rightly termed as "the Drama Season". The Drama Club puts up performances during such occasions.

Geographical & Environmental Club
The Geographical Club was formed in the 1983-84 academic year, an off-shoot of the main Social Sciences Club. Membership is open to students in the senior secondary department. The Patrons of the Club are the Geography tutors.

The aims and objectives of the club are:
• to serve as a forum for furthering students interest in geographical studies
and activities;
• to encourage active interaction between the club and the clubs of other
educational institutions;
• to, as much as possible, help keep the Schools’ environment clean and

French Club
The French club at Akosombo campus has been in existence since 1967. Lately, Akuse and Aboadze campuses have also established French Clubs. The patrons of the clubs are the French tutors. The patrons administer the clubs together with Executive Committees made up of the Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers of the clubs. All the executives of the clubs are students.

The objectives of the clubs are:
• to create a relaxed atmosphere for the study in French language and culture;
• to serve as a forum for students interested in French language and culture to meet and share experiences ideas, and make friends;
• to undertake excursions to French speaking countries to enhance their fluency in speaking the language.

These objectives are to be achieved through the medium of games, music, outings, drama and audio visuals such as films, Membership i.e. opened to all students interested in French.

Social Science & Civic Education Club
There are Social Science & Civic Education Clubs on all campuses of VRA Schools.

The aims of the Clubs are:
• to inform and educate students generally on matters of social concern and on constitutional matters such as “the rights, obligations and duties of a citizen”,
• to organise talks, debates, seminars and quizzes on matters of public concern,
• to liaise with District Secretariats of the National Commission for Civil Education (NCCE) on their programmes for effective participation of our students.

The Clubs are open to all students, regardless of their elective inclinations. The clubs have student executive bodies which run their affairs. The patrons of the clubs are social science teachers.

Science & Maths Club
There are Science & Maths Clubs on all VRA School campuses. The patrons of the clubs are the science and mathematics teachers. To help the patrons to run the affairs of the clubs are Executive Committees comprising Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers. The members of the committees are all elected by members of the clubs.

The aims and objectives of the clubs are as follows:
• to generate interest in students for science as a subject, and promote elective learning of science among students;
• to generate interest in students for mathematics as a subject, and promote effective learning of mathematics among students;
• to encourage students to use their knowledge in Science and Mathematics to solve problems they encounter in their everyday life;