School Activities

School Activities

School Assembly
The Schools hold formal Assemblies at the beginning of term, on resumption from mid-term holidays, and at the end of term. Formal Assemblies serve as a point of take-off for the resumption of academic activities. The Headmasters and Supervisors officiate at formal assemblies. Morning assemblies are held every day of the school week (Mondays to Fridays).

Assembly Format
The daily assemblies for the primary, junior and senior secondary schools take different forms. The primary schools have a constant format. The following format indicates the daily schedules for the junior and secondary schools:
Monday: All students and sta meet at the School’s Assembly Hall
Tuesday: All students of each House meet their respective House masters/mistresses in the classrooms.
Wednesday: Class meetings (various classes meet their form tutors in the classroom)
Thursday: Hymn Practice (All st udents and the Music Master meet at the Assembly Hall)
Friday: All students and sta meet at the Schools Assembly Hall.

Assemblies are normally held for ten minutes. At assembly, a hymn is sung, followed by readings from the scripture. A prayer is said, the national pledge/anthem is recited or sung. General or particular announcements (if any) are made. After the announcements students and sta disperse to their various classrooms/offices.

School Worship
For the sake of Boarders, the Akosombo School community worships together on Sunday evenings from 6.30 – 8.00p.m. at the School Assembly Hall. The worship format follows a pattern drawn by the Chaplain, and approved by the Director. The Preachers for the Sunday worship are normally drawn from the Akosombo Township. The Director and teachers also preach on some occasions. On special occasions, such as Thanksgiving and Conrmation services, church services are held in the mornings at 10.00a.m.

Speech & Prize Giving Day / Open Day
VRA Schools desire to motivate its pupils and students to take their academic work seriously. Speech Days are normally held on a Saturday in the months of July/November. At such functions, prizes are given to students who have excelled or made good progress