The Len Allen Memorial Library
The late Mr. Len Allen was a Canadian Engineering Consultant. He was a man of many humane qualities. He first came to Ghana in 1952 as a member of a team of engineers from Sir William Halcrow and Partners who were in charge of the Volta River Project. Prominent among the tasks performed by Len Allen was the delineation of the proposed Volta River Reservoir, and the establishment of a network of permanent river gauges. After completion of Hydro-electric projects in other parts of the world, he later returned to Ghana as the Resident Manager of Acres International Engineering Consultants who were involved in the construction of the Kpong-Akuse Hydro-Electric Plant. During his stay at Akuse, Mr. Allen saw to the planting of fruit trees and the beautification of Akuse.

Len Allen finally returned to his home country (Canada) in July 1982, after having been awarded the Grand Medal of Ghana (Civil Division) by the Ghana Government. He received a similar award from the Canadian government. He died on May 4, 1983, in Toronto, Canada. It was in recognition of his services to the School that the library was named after him. There is also the Allen Memorial fund which has been instituted in memory of Len Allen. The fund was established with the contributions and donations made by sympathisers at the memorial service held in honour of Mr. Len Allen in Toronto, Canada. The accruing interest from the fund is used to replenish the stock of literary material in the library. There is also the Len Allen Physical Science Awards Scheme that gives awards to deserving students.

The library is well-stocked with a variety of literature, including textbooks, encyclopedias, periodicals, journals and national dailies, among others. The Library offers Reference and Lending Services to the staff and students of Akosombo International School. However, adults and students from other institutions may be offered Reference services during vacation. The Libraries at Akuse and Aboadze schools are similarly organised.

The Book Shop
The department has a Book Shop with satellite ones which offer for sale materials like textbooks, stationery and school uniforms. As much as possible, all students are supplied with government textbook and billed.
The cost of every item given out to students from the Bookshop is written into a Student’s Order Book, and the amount added to their bills.

Medical Care
The V.R.A. Hospital and the clinics in the VRA townships provide for the medical needs of students. Students at the Boarding House in Akosombo who require medical attention must obtain a chit from their Senior Housemaster/mistress in the morning before leaving for the hospital. A School vehicle conveys students to the hospital. Apart from this, the Parent –Teacher Association (PTA) has purchased a mini-bus to convey students to and from the hospital. Furthermore, the VRA and the Akosombo PTA have provided sick-bays in both the Boys and Girls dormitories where students convalescing could conveniently be isolated
and monitored until recovery. The medical expenses of all students who are cared for at the V.R.A. Hospital and clinics are borne by Parents/Guardians. Such expenses are placed as an additional item on the students' bills.

School Canteens
The VRA and the PTAs have provided canteens on the various campuses where Day students, in particular, and the general student-body could take their meals and snacks during school breaks. Various dishes are sold by vendors upon the recommendations of the Schools’ food committees. Vendors undergo regular medical examination.

Transport Facilities for Students
All day students resident in Akosombo, Akuse, and Aboadze are transported to and from school every school day. The students who use the bus service pay a user-fee which is worked out and added to their school bills.

Bus Service at the Beginning, Mid and End of Term
Most boarding students of AIS come to Akosombo from Accra and Tema. During holidays, the school buses take students home to Accra- Tema, and bring them back to school after the mid-term break. at the beginning and end of term. Students are charged for this bus service.

Excursions/Educational/Pleasure Trips
Students who as part of the schools own programmes, go on field trips outside the school are provided transport. Clubs and Societies that plan for educational and excursion trips outside the school as part of their termly programme are required to pay the actual transport fare.

1. Personal Insurance:
There is no Personal Insurance Policy covering students while they are at school. Parents/ Guardians can therefore make their own insurance arrangements for their children/wards, as the school is absolved from any responsibility for injury to any pupil/student whilst they are attending or proceeding from school.

2. Personal Property:
The problem of loss of property which may include personal items occurs in almost every school. The School does not take any responsibility for the loss of such items, and hence does not provide compensation to victims.