160MW Kpong Hydro Electric Power Plant

Design Station Capacity 148MW
Design Annual Energy 1,000GWh (avg. flow of 1160m3/s
Water Elevation  
Maximum 17.68m
Minimum 14.75m
Normal High 14.90m
Normal 14.75m
Normal low 14.60m
Normal High 3.75m
Normal 3.00m
Unit Output 40MW (55,500hp) @ 11.75m
Synchronous speed 62.5 Rev/Min
Type of Turbine Fixed Blade Propeller
Type Vertical Shaft, Umbrella Type
Rating 44 MVA
Cooling OFAF
Manufacturer Toshiba, Japan
Unit Transformer  
Type Outdoor 3phase
Rating 51MVA at 13.8/161KV, 09PFM
Manufacturer OyStromberg, Finland
Type Static
Manufacturer Toshiba, Japan
Type Electronic/Hydraulic
Manufacturer ASEA (Sweden)
Key Events in the Kpong Dam Project
ProjectAugust 12, 1976 Tenders for Major Kpong Project (Civil works called)
November 30, 1977 Ground breaking ceremony
December 15, 1982 All Generating Units commissioned
July 1, 1982 Project officially inaugurated by the Head of State HE Jerry John Rawlings

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Project Cost & Funding

A total of 8 funding Agencies with loans in 5 denominations were involved. The local cost was financed by VRA. The International Financing Agencies include:

  • CIDA - Canadian International Development Agency
  • EDF - European Development Fund
  • EIB - European Investment Bank
  • BADEA - Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa
  • OPEC - Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

Project Cost

  • Local Cost
  • $178,541,000
  • Loan Value provided by Funding Agencies
  • $185,383,000
  • Loan Balance deficit financed from VRA resources
  • $11,848,000
    Project Cost $196,867,000


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