Power Generation: Facts & Figures


Akosombo Lake Level

Monday, June 24, 2024

265.07 feet
80.793 meters

Saturday, June 24, 2023
264.77 feet
80.701 meters


VRA Installed Generation Capacity

Plant Installed Capacity (MW) Type of Plant Fuel Type
Akosombo GS 1,020 Hydro Water
Kpong GS  160 Hydro Water
TAPCO ( T1) 330 Thermal Gas/LCO
TICO (T2) 340 Thermal Gas/LCO
Tema Thermal 1 Plant (TT1PP) 110 Thermal Gas/LCO
Tema Thermal 2 Plant (TT2PP) 80 Thermal Gas
Kpone Thermal Power Station (KTPS) 220 Thermal Gas/Diesel
Anwomaso Thermal Power Station 150** Thermal Gas
Navrongo Solar Plant 2.5 Renewable Solar
Lawra Solar Plant 6.5 Renewable Solar
Kaleo Solar Plant 13 Renewable Solar
Kaleo Solar Plant (Phase II) 15 Renewable Solar
TOTAL CAPACITY 2,547      


**150MW presently available; additional 100MW yet to be relocated to Anwomaso