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Kpong Farms

The Kpong Farm Limited (KFL) was established in 1982 as the agribusiness subsidiary of the Volta River Authority and was authorized under its articles of incorporation to:

  • Undertake viable agricultural venture in irrigation and mechanized farming, animal husbandry and meat processing by harnessing the water resources of the Volta Lake. Provide transfer of appropriate technology.
  • Provide greater opportunity/access to farmers in the vicinity of Kpong to benefit from the farm’s infrastructure. The farm was designed and implemented by Acres International of Canada and has become a major integrated scheme in gravity-led rice production.

Major Assets
Currently, Kpong Farms owns 252 hectares of land, 100 hectares out of which is irrigated farmland. The farming operations are carried out twice a year and are supported by tractors and combine harvesters.

Main Activities

  • Crop Production: The main crop is rice of which two main varieties are cultivated. Namely TOX (ordinary) and Aromatic (perfume).  Yields between 4 - 5 tonnes per hectare have been recorded.

  • Workshop Engineering and Mechanization Services: The Farm has a large pool or machinery and equipment including:
    • Heavy duty shop
    • Wielding workshop
    • Auto-electrical workshop
    • Auto Mechanical shop
    • Plumbing workshop
    • Carpentry workshop

  • Rice Milling: The Farm has a rice mill which can mill one ton of rice per hour. It also has two mechanical and electrical dryers of which each dryer can take 4 tons of paddy rice. Customer services are rendered to out growers.

  • Livestock Production: The Farm has 200 sow swine production facility with a maximum output of 80 – 100 slaughter size pigs and two poultry production units able to produce 1,000 broilers chicken weekly and an abattoir.

  • Livery Services: Livestock livery services are rendered to third parties. Under the scheme owners of cattle, sheep and other small ruminants have their stocks taken care of by the farm for free.

  • Meat Processing: The unit is designed to preserve and add value to products of Livestock Production Unit. This unit is famous for its high quality of meat cuts.

The Farm has an excellent road network. Power is supplied directly by Volta River Authority. Canals from the Volta Lake supply water for irrigation. Other infrastructure includes office space, warehouses and basic accommodation for the Farm workers.

Human Resources
Ghana has enormous local human resources available for recruitment on the Farm. VRA is seeking joint ventures participation to commercialise the meat processing, rice cultivation and animal husbandry operations.