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Volta Lake Transport

VLTC was incorporated in 1970 to provide North-South water-borne transport for persons and freight on the Volta Lake. The Company operates a fleet of passenger vessels, cargo ships and barges, totalling 19 sailing vessels.

Scope of Operations
The Company operates in two main areas:

  • North-South Services
  • Ferry-Crossing Services

North-South Services
Pusher tugs with cargo barges constitute pusher trains which can transport 2,300 tonnes of cargo per voyage. Dry cargo namely Lint Cotton, Cotton Seeds, Shea nuts are shipped from the agricultural North to the industrial South for export or for local markets. Additionally, Cement, industrial products and general cargo are shipped from South to the North. A pusher tug with tanker barges of 1,440m capacity sails regularly to Buipe with fuel (kerosene, diesel and petrol) for markets in the Northern, Upper West, Upper East Regions and the northern parts of Brong Ahafo Region.

Tramping Service
The passenger/cargo vessel 'MV YAPEI QUEEN' with air-conditioned cabins and restaurant facilities among others sails ever Monday from Akosombo to Yeji with stops at various intervening ports including Kete Krachi. The vessel returns with agricultural products such as yams, beans, groundnuts, fish etc on Thursdays.

Ferry-Crossing Services
VLTC provides safe, efficient and reliable ferry services at Yeji (Brong- Ahafo), Kete-Krachi and Dambai, both in the Volta Region and Adawaso in Afram Plains. The ferries serve as bridges where the Lake has cut across the road net work. Without these services, Communities around the Ferry stations will be cut off from the rest of the Country. Both passengers and cargo are transported at the stations.

Ten Reasons Why You Must Use VLTC Services
  • VLTC has a modern and well equipped workshop and office facilities to support the operation of all its craft.
  • The staff who are well trained and dedicated, give VLTC the edge in the now highly sophisticated field of transportation.
  • VLTC vessels are designed to ship bulk cargo. The company can ship at a go 2,300 tonnes of solid cargo from Akosombo to Buipe and vice versa.
  • VLTC has as partners reliable truckers with most modern and highly efficient fleet of trucks. VLTC operations therefore cover both lake and land.
  • VLTC is international as it can transport to neighbouring landlocked countries such as Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger.
  • VLTC has an effective and efficient cargo handling system which is under constant review and supervision.
  • The customer always has at his disposal one of VLTC experts to guide and advice.
  • VLTC operations are environmentally friendly. The company has modern pollution control equipment and state of the art fire fighting appliances for the fuel shipment operation.
  • Using VLTC means savings on fuel, lowering of national expenditure for maintenance of road infrastructure and above all savings on foreign exchange. It is cheaper transporting on the Lake than on road.
  • Above all with over three decades in water transportation, VLTC has the experience, efficiency, safety and reliability that is required for the job. VLTC boasts of accident-free history since its inception in 1970.

You may contact VLTC via phone on +233-307010719 . Email: voltalaketc@gmail.com