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Real Estates and Security

The Real Estate and Security Department currently performs the mandated functions of Planning, Acquiring, Developing, Maintaining and Managing the Authority’s Townships, Estates and Properties.

The Department however has been operating as Support Service to VRA on a non-profit basis. This current mode of operation is being changed by restructuring the Department to operate as Strategic Business Units to bring in revenue. These Strategic Business Units are namely Property Development, Property Management and Hospitality Management and Development Units.

These Business Units will improve the delivery of services, which will increase the customer base. These actions will be taken alongside the training and development of the human capital.  Cost reduction will be strongly adhered to. This will be done through reduction in labour and operations costs.

To be Ghana’s foremost real estate, property development, property management and Investment company that relies on achieving success through a keen focus on customer satisfaction and sustainable development.

Mission Statement
To provide highest quality management services in the industry through devoted commitment to the needs of its employees, investors, clients and community.

Value Statements
In order for RE&SD to achieve its Mission and fulfil its Vision, staff of the department will be influenced by the following Value Statements:

  • Profitability
    We would carry out our activities with the focus on making good return on all our investments.

  • Teamwork
    We would work collectively, putting our skills together to achieve our targets.

  • Accountability
    We would ensure that sound financial transactions are carried out and the Authority earns income on money spent in the real estate management.

  • Integrity
    We would ensure that quality is exhibited in all works and services provided as well as maintaining high professional standard.
  • Goal and Action Orientation
    We would motivate our work force and be organised to achieve set goals and targets.

The Department seeks to improve its financial viability by increasing its revenue base and lowering its cost of operations.

  • The delivery of services by the Department will be improved such that the customer base will increase and in turn increase the revenue base.
  • The Department will improve upon its operations.
  • The human capacity in the Department will be trained and developed to be able to carry out their functions efficiently.