6.5MWp Lawra Solar Power Plant

Plant Capacity 6.5MW
District Lawra
Town Lawra
Expected Annual Generation 10.6GWh
Land Size 6.13Hectares
Project Owner Volta River Authority
EPC Contractor Elecnor S. A.
Photovoltaic Panel  
Number of Modules 17,920
Type Polycrystalline
Maximum Power (STC) 365W
Open Circuit Voltage 47.2V
Short Circuit Current 9.75A
Module Efficiency 18.4%
Module Dimensions 2000 x 992 x 35mm
Weight 22.5kg
Manufacturer SMA
Rated Output Power 1500kW
Maximum Efficiency > 99.1%
Maximum DC Input Voltage 1500V
MPPT Voltage Range 880-1450V
Maximum DC Input Current 180A
Power factor 1(with Reactive Power support)
Noise <65dB
Protection grade IP65
Unit Transformer  
Rated Power 2MVA
Cooling Type KNAN
Rated Frequency 50Hz
MV Winding 34.5kV
LV Winding 0.415kV


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