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Archived News (Year 2012)

West African Gas Pipeline Company Updates Stakeholders on Pipeline Damage

The Chief Executive Officer of the West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAGPCo), Mr. Charles Adeniji,has assured that the gas pipeline which was destroyed on August 28, 2012, will be ready for operations by December. He said this when providing an update on the damaged pipeline at a press conference in Accra.

Speaking at the press conference, Mr. Adeniji stated that after preliminary assessment, the location and the extent of the damage had been identified, adding, the pipeline had been severed into 2 parts with 6 sections of the main pipeline damaged.

According to him, the company was removing the water and debris which had entered the pipeline after it had been broken. This he said will be done by the launching of Pipeline Inspection Gauges called 'pigs' at the Nigeria end of the linewhich will push out the water and debris at the Takoradi end. The process, he said will be run several times to ensure that the pipeline was clean.

Explaining further, the Chief Executive Officer indicated that after the drying of the pipeline, compressed gas or nitrogen will be used to push out the "pig" which is expected to dry up the internal surface of the pipeline. He added, "The amount of moisture in the gas will show the level of dryness of the line and indicate when"pigging" can be stopped." The operating valves would then be opened and gas introduced into the line, to commence gas transportation operations.

Going forward, he said WAGPCo will make every effort to intensify stakeholder engagements and ensure effective collaboration with relevant agencies and organizations to avoid the occurrence of the situation in the future.

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